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Growing Up With Us ... Caring For Children

Addresses population/age-specific topics from infancy through the school-age period. Topics vary from being individualized, such as how to approach young children to gain their cooperation during assessment, to more generic topics, including assessing vital signs and pain in children.

Subscription Price per Year: $200.00
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Sample Topics Include -
Pediatric Medication Administration
Autism… Definition , Screening & Implication
Pediatric Pain... Assessment Tools
Child Abuse – Recognizing & Reporting
Pediatric Complications… IV Therapy
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Developmental Assessment of the Child
Family Health Promotion… When Parents Divorce
Non-pharmacologic Pediatric Pain Management
Pediatric Trauma… Assessment and management
Reducing Pediatric Medical Errors
Exploitation of Children

Subscription Highlights

MONTHLY NEWSLETTERS, POST-TESTS & KEYS:  At the first of each month, (every other month for Personal Growth), you will receive an age-specific newsletter, as well as the related cognitive competency post-test and answer key. Education and competency tracking records are also provided with each subscription

WEBSITE:  We are very excited about our website:, being currently updated, making it user-friendly, as well as a central location for our subscribers to directly download our age-specific materials. Staff will be able to go to our website and read the newsletter, while administrators will be able to download the newsletter, post-test and answer key.

If preferred, newsletters and post-tests can also be printed and distributed to staff. After 11 years of experience, we have learned providing a direct link on our website will help allay the inherent problems with e-mail, such as spam-blockers, as well as snail mail, which often causes a delay in receipt of materials in a timely manner.

ON-LINE TESTING CENTER: We have a free Testing Center which allows staff to take post-tests on-line. Or, tests can be taken on paper and manually graded.  And, if preferred, also entered into the Testing Center. Once a test is  successfully passed (90%), a computer-generated Certificate of Completion, individualized with the staff member's name, test name and date taken, will be printed.  There is also a report section for administrators to check staff's progress and to check cumulative contact hours.

CONTACT HOURS:  Growing Up With Us, Inc. is an approved provider of continuing education by the Florida Board of Nursing. Every state accepts nursing continuing education approved by another State Board of Nursing. At no charge, one (1) contact hour is awarded for successful completion of each post-test.

I can't believe it's only $200 per year for one subscription. That's less than $17 a month. I make more than that in an hour and it would take me weeks to do this!